Driver Fatigue Alarms are sleep warning systems designed to raise driver's awareness of momentary lapses caused by the sleepiness and tiredness that all-too-often results in a micro sleep - one of the most common causes of serious accidents.

About Us

Euroworld International have been trading since 1994 and is the name synonymous with Road and Driver Safety. They supply major contractors with traffic mirrors, traffic cones, posts, bollards and other delineation equipment. A natural progression for the company was to tackle the very real and increasing problem of drivers of all types of vehicles, becoming fatigued and dozing off at the wheel. This is a global problem and thousands of lives are needlessly lost as a result every year. We are pleased to be able to offer real solutions.

Our Products

Euroworld supply a wide range of high end security products designed to protect people in their homes, while out and about for whatever reason, in the workplace and securing assets. Euroworld specialise in security equipment for cyclists, motoryclists and driver safety, particularly bus, truck and taxis. These can all be viewed on our main website

Latest News

We will shortly be introducing an "Ear Imp" that can be linked to your mobile/cellphone giving an additional warning or wake up call - watch this space.

In the 3 minutes it has taken to read about driver fatigue, someone, somewhere has been killed or badly injured as a result of it! Don't become yet another statistic, Order your "Ear Imp" and for all Drivers in Your Household - make this a Wake up Call - Go to and ORDER RIGHT NOW!

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Euroworld On-line Limited

Telephone: 0191 452 4374

Fax:+44 (0)871 6616024

Mobile 07885965030



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